DEF Modules: 1100 - 1500

DEF 1200

For sites that are refilling vehicles more frequently, our DEF 1200 adds a 1890L (500 gal) polyethylene day tank. The swappable totes drain into the permanent tank, which allows dispensing to continue while totes are being replaced. The total capacity is 4400L (1160 gal).

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Insulated Cabinet

For dispense nozzles with drip tray, nozzle holders, operator controls and dispensed volume display

Stainless Steel Filter Vessel

With five replaceable, 1 micron cartridges to prevent costly engine damage due to particulates in DEF (AdBlue) fluid

Thermostatically Controlled Heater

With optional second unit to prevent equipment damage due to frozen DEF

Beacon and Siren

Alerts operators if building temperature drops below 23F (-5C) in order to prevent equipment damage due to freezing DEF

10 Foot Intermodal Shipping Container

For durable construction and easy transport

R20 Insulated Enclosure

To prevent freezing of DEF and provide comfortable environment for maintenance staff

Container Double Doors

Provide easy access for replacing totes

Filtered Tank Vents

Prevent fluid contamination and sediment build up in tanks from dusty site air

Drip Trays

At connection points and potential spill locations

Easy Access

A single lockable man door and walkway space inside the enclosure is provided to allow easy access to all equipment for easy maintenance and security

Full Building Catch Tray

Including sump, pump out connection and high level sensor

1.5 HP Magnetic Drive Centrifugal Pump

Provides up to 210 LPM (55 GPM) to provide simultaneous light vehicle and heavy vehicle refilling. Magnetic drive eliminates maintenance and leaks typical to centrifugal pumps with dynamic seals

1-1/2” ANSI RF Flanged Connection

Included for optional remote dispense station

Vehicle Dispense

150 LPM (40 GPM) Heavy Vehicle Dispense, 57 LPM (15 GPM) Light Vehicle Dispense. Includes positive displacement meter, 25ft spring retract hose reel and automatic dispense nozzles. Heavy and light vehicle assemblies available independently, combined or as dual dispensers on opposite sides of module



DEF 1100

This entry level package draws fluid from one or two IBC 1000L (275 gal) transportable totes. The totes are placed in the building and connected to the pumping system with couplers. This provides up to 2500L (660 gal) of storage.


DEF 1300

As demand for DEF grows, upgrade to a refillable 6600L (1750 gal) bulk tank. Tank Level Monitors notify supplier for replenishment. Overfill Protection and Vent filters are included.


DEF 1400

For sites that require large storage volumes, the same base dispensing unit can be connected to a 25,000L (6600 gal) stainless ISO tank. The ISO tank can be refilled or swapped out depending on customer needs. This configuration can include a day tank in the building to allow dispensing while the ISO tank is being replaced.


DEF 1500

For high volume users, configure the base unit to draw from an external tank of the customer's choosing. Options include insulated and heated polyethylene, stainless steel or epoxy-lined steel tanks of virtually any capacity or footprint. An additional pump and filtration assembly may be added to allow up to four dispensers to be used simultaneously.


Dispensing Options

Commercial DEF Dispense Option (Island Friendly)

For less rugged environments, consider the Commercial DEF module. This island friendly building comes turn-key and pre-tested with integrated forklift pockets, containment, heating, internal & external lighting and a complete high-end dispense package.