DFO MODULES: 1000 - 4000

DFO 3000

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Particulate Filter Vessels

With 6 44”elements sized for 2X flow

DuplexFilter Plumbing

With lockable 3 way valves for continuous filtration with no down time during offloading

Residual Tank Transfer Pump

To empty filter vessels for element changes. Can empty vessel in 4 minutes

Residual Tank

For capturing entrained fuel from air elimination and fuel holding during filter changes

Separate Electrical Room

For PLC, tank level monitoring, breakers and controls

Heated and Insulated

40 Foot High Cube Heated and Insulated Seacan for durable construction

Proving Loop

For meter calibration and bypass connection

Water Removal Coalescing Filter

For the removal of water contamination in the fuel

Heavy Serrated Grating

Reduces risk of slips and falls


DFO 1000

The DFO-1000 is a 1,000 LPM (264 GPM) diesel fuel offloading module with a 3x2 centrifugal pump, an inline particulate filter with 44” filters and a Flomec 3” positive discplacement meter. This module provides accurate offloading with a small footprint.


DFO 2000

The DFO-2000 is a 1,700 LPM (450 GPM) diesel fuel offloading module with a 4x3 centrifugal pump, bulk tank air eliminator, an inline particulate filter with 44” filters and an LC M40 positive displacement meter. This module provides fast and accurate offloading with a moderate footprint.


DFO 4000

The DFO – 4000 is the first fuel receiving module designed with an inline quarantine tank system. This system enables the mine site to hold all incoming fuel in the quarantine tank prior to accepting delivery of potentially contaminated fuel. If the fuel quality is deemed insufficient for the site needs, the fuel can be pumped back onto the tanker with Fireballs 4 Way Pumping System.


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