Lube and fuel island module

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Stainless Steel Tanks,Air-breather filters, Tank Level Monitors, 1,000–4,000 L (264-1,056 gal) capacity, Graco Hydraulic Pumps provide 45 LPM (12 GPM) flow rates, ISO 16/13 Filtration ensures clean oil

Hydraulic Power Unit

Powers oil and grease pumps, Dual 30 GPM pumps for redundancy, Cooled and filtered oil, Pump lead-lag controlled by PLC, Hydraulic Valve Bank, Allows control of pressure and speed, Solenoid controlled sections, Allows control by Fuel Management System

Loading Arms

Handling of hoses and nozzles is safer and easier for operators, Allows refueling heavy equipment at rates up to 1,500 LPM (400 GPM), Keeps hose and nozzle clean and off the ground, Grounding Cable incorporated


Fuel Meters and solenoids, Dual systems for simultaneous dispensing, 500–1,500 LPM (130-400 GPM), Fuel supplied from remote tanks, pumps and filters to reduce footprint and keep delivery tankers away from heavy haul equipment

Dedicated Electrical Room

Climate-controlled by PLC, Houses Transformers, Breaker Panel, Electrical Panels, PLC, Tank Level Monitors, Pipeline Leak Detection, VFDs, Fire Suppression Panel, Control Panels, Separate lockable outside access door, Aluminum wall cladding for panel mounting

Hose Reel Assembly

Typically four oils, coolant, high-pressure grease, bulk grease, used oil evacuation and DEF, 23 m (75 ft) spring-rewind hose reels, Flip-down access doors with drip tray, Access on both sides for simultaneous usage, Automatic depressurization of couplers after usage, Fluid-specific couplers prevent filling errors

Bulk Fill Panel

Bulk fill for lubes and coolant, Used Oil evacuation, Fluid-specific receivers prevent cross-contamination, Tank Level displayed at fill point, Normally-closed overfill valves, Stainless steel piping

Pre-Engineered and Fabricated Building

Heated and Insulated, Sub-floor spill tray with sump and alarms, Floor grating, Ventilation controlled by PLC, Access and egress doors with OH&S platforms, Building supported on triple 16” I-beam skids


Replaceable top tote (1,000-1,600 L / 264-422 gal) gravity feeds permanent bottom tank, Graco Hydraulic Pumps, High-Pressure Pump (5,000 psi, Bulk Transfer Pump 45 LPM (12 GPM)