LVR: Light Vehicle Refuelling

Light Vehicle RefuelLing


Instrumentation and access hatches are enclosed in secured cabinet to prevent fuel theft

5000lb Fall arrest tie-off point for construction and maintenance

Tank Vents

Contain barrier plates to prevent theft

Service Platform

Fully enclosed with certified fall protection hand-rails and kick-plates

Submersible Turbine Pumps

Require no priming and eliminate the flooded suction line for increased security against fuel theft

Tank Level Monitoring

Allows tracking of fuel inventory and notification of fuel leaks or theft

Dual LED Area Work Lights

For increased safety and security during night time usage

Diesel Fuel Dispense System

With high hose retractor, 1” x 20 ft hose, swivel, breakaway, and certified dispense nozzle with splash-guard and yellow hand warmer

Tracking and Monitoring

Configured to accept FluidIntel Adapt FMS Integrated Fuel Management System for tracking and authorizing dispenses

High Hose Retractor

Masts pivot to ground level for easy maintenance

Gasoline Fuel Dispense System

With high hose retractor, ¾” x 20 ft hose, flow-limiter, swivel, breakaway, and certified dispense nozzle with splash-guard and black hand warmer

Flow Meter

5 micron filtration and positive displacement flow meter provides precise dispensing of clean gasoline and diesel

Fire extinguisher and spill kits included

Lockable Cover

Over access ladder for increased security against fuel thef

>Hose Drain Assembly

Minimizes spills by allowing delivery hose to be fully drained if mechanical overflow device is activated during delivery. Drip tray under connection captures any leakage.

Certified CAN/ULC-S601 Compliant

Double wall epoxy-lined steel tank for safe and clean storage of fuels.

Mechanical Overflow Protection

Prevents overfilling tank

Options & Configurations

Tank Volume

Capacity ranges from 20,000 L to 120,000 L.  Typical capacity is a 100,000 L split tank with 50,000 L diesel and 50,000 L gasoline storage.

Product Storage

Tank split can be any combination from 90/10 to 50/5, including gasoline, dyed diesel, or clear diesel.

Dispense Area

We've maximized flexibility: dispense points can be at either end or both ends; and dispense points can be on either side or both sides. The area includes skid with non-slip grating (standard), a roof over dispense equipment and a lockable and heated dispense equipment enclosure.

Tank Platform Access

Includes a lockable ladder (standard), stairway platform access. The placement of the ladder or stairs may be configured to suit site layout.

Bulk Delivery Connection

Includes a standard 3” Camlock. Connection may be located at various points on module to suit the site layout.