DEF: Diesel exhaust fluid

Features + Benefits


DEF: Diesel exhaust fluid

Features + Benefits


Refuel at 1000L/min
Reduced Turnaround Time

Optimize Refueling Time 
Track, Set & Improve on benchmarks

Automate Processes
Reduction in manual steps in procedures

Fluid Cleanliness

Eliminate contaminants in the system  
Multi-Stage Filtration  
Water coalescing filter

Minimize the introduction of new contaminants
Air Breather Filters    
Hydraulic Grade Tubing
Epoxy lined tanks
Flush-face couplers

Error Proofing

Engineered Controls instead of Process Controls

Automated Authorization to Prevent Human Error

Every Product with a Unique Fluid Specific CouplerWrite here...

Safety & Environmental

Minimize Ergonomic Safety Accidents  
No manual transfer of products, everything in bulk   
Loading arms for heavy hoses  

Eliminate Potential for Environmental Spills
Non-Pressurized Shutoff Equipment for high-flow diesel   
Breakaways on all fuel dispensing equipment


Designed For UptimE

Ease of maintenance

Quick turnaround on repairs

Ergonomically correct

Parts commonality

Critical parts spares

Parts delivery guarantee

Site Control System

Predict Maintenance  
Catch problems before they happen

Enforce and Monitor Procedures
Ensure your workplace safety and operational procedures are being followed

Continuously Monitor Conditions
Stay informed on with fluid quality and temperature monitoring

DFO: DIesel fluid offloadinG

Features + Benefits


DFO: DIesel fluid offloadinG

Features + Benefits


Time savings for connections and high capacity offloading pumps may enable reduced delivery costs from suppliers.

Save time with an estimated fuel offloading time of 52,000 L in approximately 30 minutes.

Electronic tank level monitoring allows large volume delivery on an as needed basis and prevents equipment lost time due to low fluid levels.


Module suction hose connectors are stored in a sealed holster cabinet.

4” API dry break connections decrease connections for typical B-train tanker from 32 to 10.

Residual tank captures entrained liquid from air elimination and allows vessels to be drained for service.

Fuel filtration is targeted to ISO 18/16.

Filter storage locker is designed for new and used filters with integral drip tray.

Filter Vessels are compatible with most vertical 44” filter elements.

Automatic notifications are sent for pressure drop across filters for element change out.


Fuel transfer hoses are on low pressure inlet side of pump ensuring minimal leaks from damaged hoses.

Mechanical equipment is enclosed in a lockable building to allow access to only mine maintenance staff. Driver access is given to driver room only.

Work lighting over dispense cabinet(s) and man door provide well-lit working areas.

Module integral under floor spill tray of 2000 L (528gal) prevents site spills.

Non-slip floor grating and stairs with building egress prevent dangerous slips and falls.

Static dissipation using grounding reels and air elimination for a safer system.

Overfill protection is in place, using controls and built in tank level monitoring.


High capacity impeller pump is designed for variable flow rates up to 2,000 LPM.

Air elimination, mass flow meters and contaminant analyzers are built for accuracy and quality control.

Filter Vessel drain pump empties Filter Vessels for element changes.

Filter Vessel stabilizer plate prevents fasteners falling / static dissipation.

Ease of Maintenance

Low profile Filter Vessels increases ease of filter changes, with filter change tools provided.

By pass and proving loop provides meter commissioning and emergency fuel offloading.

Maintain proper temperature with our heated (or air conditioned) and insulated enclosure.


Canadian weights and measures approved custody transfer with temperature compensation ensures accurate delivery volume measurements

Real time output from meter maintains fuel reconciliation onsite or remotely.

Ease of Transport

All modules are designed within allowable transportation dimensions (Canada).

Modules default enclosure is an intermodal container for ease of international shipping.

LFI: Lube Fuel Islands

Features + Benefits


LFI: Lube Fuel Islands

Features + Benefits

Save Time, Save Money

Our standard Diesel flow rates are up to 1,500 LPM (400 GPM) for target fill time of 5 minutes.

Top up lubricants at 45 LPM (12 GPM) while refueling to minimize down time.

Grease day tank allows usage while grease tote is being replaced.

2” outside connection is available for filling bulk lubricant tanks.

All top-up fluids, including bulk grease and DEF, are accessible during refueling with 23 m (75 ft) hose reels.

Operate from either side to minimize wait times for haul trucks.

Stop and Go Lights are integrated into refueling operation.

Clean Site, Clean Fuel

Fluid-Specific couplers for Lubricants, Coolant, Grease and DEF prevent cross-contamination errors.

Dispense reels and valves stored inside building in a clean, heated cabinet.

Fuel and Oil filtering is within ISO 16/13 standards.

Electrical and Controls room are separated for cleanliness.

Waste oil evacuation corrects overfills and accepts waste oil from lube trucks.

Holsters for diesel nozzles capture drips and keep nozzle clean and dry.

Stainless steel tanks with desiccant air vent filters for oils to prevent corrosion and contamination.

Safe and Secure

Includes integral fire alarm and fire suppression systems.

Electrical room is lockable and PLC configurations are password-protected to limit access.

LED work lighting over dispense cabinets and pole-mounted LED area lighting are included for safe work areas.

2,000 L (528 gal) under-floor spill tray captures and drips or leaks.

Non-slip floor grating and stairs with building egress with approved crash doors, platforms and steps reduces the risk of slips and falls.

Static dissipation using grounding reels is implemented for refueling.

Overfill protection using tank level monitors is interlocked with normally-closed ball valves.

The Mechanical Advantage

Unique couplers for each fluid prevent the possibility of cross contamination.

Large barn doors on building enable quick and easy delivery of bulk grease.

Fill panel provides one location to fill oil reservoirs for dispensing.

Hydraulic power supplies Positive Displacement Pumps for increased oil pumping capacity.

All oil pumps are the same model, resulting in parts commonality and reducing maintenance costs.

All hose reels are either spring-powered ,self-retracting, or chain powered for ease of use.


Canadian Weights and Measures approved custody transfer with temperature compensation ensures accurate delivery volume measurements.

Real time output from meter is used for immediate fuel reconciliation.

Fluid Intel Adapt FMS enabled design increases accuracy and provides an easy user interface.

Fireball Site Control System monitors all functions and ensures safe and efficient operation of the site.