UG: Underground



We've designed modules that address the integral safety and efficiency needs for surface replenishment of underground tanks.  

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Fuel Rack

Air Reels

Lube Rack

Fuel Rack


PLC and Controls

Pumps and Filters Skid

Three 10K L Tanks

Motorized Valves

Manual Fill from totes


Auto Fill from surface

7 Oils and Coolant Totes

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Lube Tote Skid with Pump and Filters

Swappable 1,000-1,600 Litre totes sit on permanent stainless steel day tanks. Total capacity per fluid is 2,000-2,600 litres, plus local tote storage.  

A Graco NXT air-powered reciprocating piston pump delivers 65 LPM (17.4 GPM) with enough pressure to deliver the oil to multiple reels located across the site.  

Quad, B5=1,000 filters ensure ISO 16/13 level cleanliness for long component life.  Plugged filter indicators tell operators when to change elements, and an integrated drip tray catches drips or spills from the totes, pumps or filters.


Freestanding Hose Reel Racks

These racks are placed in service and fuel bays.  The small footprint (3.6 m x 0.8 m) minimizes floor space and the box design provides mechanical protection. A typical rack houses 10 different fluids such as oils, high-pressure grease, bulk grease, coolant, compressed air, high-pressure wash, low pressure water, DEF, or waste oil.  Metered dispense valves and fluid-specific couplers re standard and the rack includes a integrated drip tray. The control system records the usage of very fluid for accurate data.


Fuel Tanks

Each of the three 10,000 litre fuel tanks fits in a 1.6 m x 3.4 m cage. Incoming valves and piping are rated for 2,000 PSI. The accumulator protects from dynamic shock loading and an air eliminator prevents foaming. Each tank has a level monitor and a vent filter.


Fuel Pumps & Filtration

Two 500 LPM pumps and one 100 LPM pump ensure high flow rates.  Quad filters provide dual stage filtration and duplexing for operation during change out.  Target cleanliness code is ISO 16/13.  The transfer pump evacuates and fills the filter vessels, making element changing easier. The unit fits a 1.6 m x  3.4 m cage.


Fuel Dispensing

Each fuel dispensing assembly can fuel heavy equipment and light vehicles.  A meter counts the volume and the Fluid Management system records usage.  High hose retractors keep the hose and nozzles safely off the ground.