HVS: Heavy Vehicle Shop

Lubricant Storage & Dispensing Module

Store lubricants safely and dispense them efficiently.

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Standalone Building

Heated and Insulated, Sub-floor spill tray with sump and alarms,Non Slip floor grating, Access and egress doors with OH&S platforms

Lubricant Pump and Filtration

Dual Graco Hydraulically-driven piston pumps provide 90 LPM (24 GPM) flow rates. This ensures maximum productivity in the service bays. Redundant pumps minimize down time. Delivery pressures up to 103 BAR (1,500 PSI) to ensure full flow to the furthest hose reel rack. Typically 4-6 Oils, Coolant and High Pressure Grease are pumped to hose reel racks in the service bays. One rack services two bays Quad B5=1,000 filters ensure ISO 16/13 cleanliness codes

Hydraulic Power Unit

Powers oil and grease pumps, Dual 30 GPM pumps for capacity and reliability. Lead-lag controlled by PLC, Pressure sensors and accumulators allow the PLC to turn the pumps on only when shop reels are used. This is typically 1% of the time. No electrical controls need to be run from the hose reel rack locations.

Dedicated Electrical and Control Room

Climate-controlled by PLC, Houses Transformers, Breaker Panel, Electrical Panels, PLC, Tank Level Monitors, Pipeline Leak Detection, VFDs, Fire Suppression Panel, Control Panels, Separate lockable outside access door, Aluminum wall cladding for panel mounting

Control Panel

Control Panel, Operator input for receiving fluids and filling site lube trucks, Integrates with FluidIntel AdaptFMS or other fluid management systems as desired

Site Lube Truck Loading

Site Lube Truck Loading, Provides high-speed bulk refilling of site lube trucks, Fluids typically include 4 standard oils, coolant, bulk grease, bulk Open Gear Lube, specialty hydraulic and gear oils and DEF. A Used oil evacuation connection allows the site trucks to offload their used oil while refilling with fresh fluids. 23M (75 ft) spring-rewind hose reels, Flip-down access doors with drip tray, We recommend the use of Fluid-Specific couplers prevent filling errors, Special solenoids automatically depressurize the couplers after usage to make it easier to connect to receivers.

Steps to Prevent Offloading Errors

Errors when offloading lubes is a common, and very expensive, problem at mine sites. This risk is minimized with the following features: Each fluid has a lockable ball valve that the site Representative controls.The PLC programming requires the driver to enter the product name twice to reduce errors. The Site Representative has to use a special authorization key before the PLC will open any tank valves. The PLC confirms delivery quantity will fit in tank before opening tank valves.

Offloaded Fluids

Are filtered prior to entering storage tanks

Oil and Grease Tank

  • Tall tanks with minimal space between them maximizes the volume stored in the available footprint
  • Service access is between the rows of tanks
  • A common catwalk allows access to all the tank top fittings.
  • Tanks are epoxy-lined for cleanliness
  • Air inlet vents are filtered
  • Tank inlet valves are normally-closed air-activated ball valves controlled by the PLC
  • Grease tanks have 37 degree hopper bottom
  • All tanks have flat roofs to maximize storage capacity
  • All tanks, including bulk grease, have tank level monitoring
  • Piping between Module and Tanks is 3” stainless steel for cleanliness